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We held an open google hangout session, to discuss and reflect on the first week of the MOOC at Tuesday, 15 Jan, 12:00 GMT

On Tuesday 15 January 2013 at 12:00 GMT, we held a live “convergence” session. This session was a “fishbowl” at which facilitators and invited participants were in a Google Hangout ‘on air’ panel session, and others viewed and discussed it in real time via twitter and the open discussion list.

The recording lasts for 1 hour.

Direct link to the video is


This video is a record of the convergence session that took place as part of the OLDS MOOC on Tuesday 15th January 2013.

The session involved Yishay Mor, Simon Walker, Peter Bryant and Josh Underwood from the OLDS MOOC team and chaired by Patrick McAndrew with Anna Page handling the questions. We were delighted to have Ronald McIntyre join us from the OLDS MOOC learners and many others posted their questions online.

Some of the themes that were discussed: the challenge of forming teams and study circles and some participant initiatives (see:, open vs. closed platforms for MOOCs, the role of OER (wait for week 6!), non-HE MOOCs (see: and the role of narrative in learning design (coming up next!) and camping in New Zealand (